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Swissness for your language communication

It is important to us that your customers really understand you.

That is why we always commission translators that are natives of the country of the target language and know its customs. In this way, you really reach the target culture and usable and up-to-date terminology is thus ensured.

To help you get an idea of our approach, we have listed a few examples below.

Why is a French translation correct in Canada but complete nonsense in France?

Original text:
Place dumplings in microwave for one minute after they have been defrosted.

Mettre les grands-pères au four à micro-ondes pendant une minute après qu’ils sont décongelés.

In Canada, "grands-pères" can also be used to mean "dumplings". In France, however, it always means "grandfathers". And you can't – or at least shouldn't – put them into the microwave ;-).

That's why we speak of transpositions and not translations.