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Our team

The linguistic diversity that can give your work that finishing touch currently comprises 42 languages.
In order to be able to absolutely guarantee this, we work with more than 600 translators and specialists worldwide.

It is not just a matter of course for us that all transpositions are carried out by qualified translators in the respective native language, but also that all translators are specialised in the respective topics, subject areas and target groups.
This is the only way that perfectly matching transpositions can be guaranteed.
Example: If you are a plant manufacturer, your work not only has different operating instructions from a domestic appliance and addresses a completely different operator, it also simply has totally different legal requirements.

Accordingly, we have the latest technologies and processes too, like for example terminology databases, which complement the correct transpositions, store your language, and thus make a large contribution to reducing your future costs.
In addition, we collaborate with more than 30 different graphic designers, designers and printers.

We guarantee quality assurance in our company by not just applying the dual-control principle, but also by using qualified staff to check whether the transposition was carried out according to your expectations.

You have a rush job and you don't know whether you're coming or going?
No problem, we're here for you!