Teconia GmbH
Swissness for your language communication

Our success factors demonstrate how we live by our vision and make our contribution to a happier world.
Our motto is to enjoy our work and what we do, and to be happy doing it.
You can see how we implement these values and maxims in our guiding principles, which represent the three most important pillars of our activities:
Customer, employer and communication.


We strive to – serve the customer

Customer loyalty
Naturally, we would like to cultivate long-term partnerships with our customers.
Wouldn't you?
But most of all we would like a partnership that requires mutual respect, necessitates open communication and generates mutual inspiration.
And we want to foster this mutual trust and always drive the collaboration forward enthusiastically.
That is our ambition!

Risk reduction
It is your business decision whether you want to reduce a risk, pass it on or bear it yourself.
We cannot make this decision for you.
Bearing the risk yourself usually means:
Cease operations, face high fines and/or prison sentence, lay off employees, and your vision is destroyed.
Passing on the risk only works to a certain extent, because most business and product liability insurers are not liable if a description is incorrect in the instructions.
Which in certain cases would then lead to the same result as bearing the risk yourself.
However, if you opt for reducing the risk, then we are the partner you can rely on precisely from a legal perspective too. We will point out both new developments and changes to you.
You can't do more than do everything right!

Internal and external employees

Trust and mutual support
Our collaboration is based on mutual respect, trust and support.
We help each other in our day-to-day activities and in our personal development.
Whether through exchanging information, education or finding solutions.
We are there for each other and listen to each other attentively!

Every person has roots and therefore has the same opportunities and rights.
Irrespective of their gender or their ethnic or religious background.
We're at home around the world!

Enjoyment at work
Our motto is to work with people who enjoy what they do and are happy doing it.
They do their best out of conviction – simply because they believe in what they're doing.
Our employees are first and foremost people who love to spur people on and propel them further on their journey.
That's what sets them apart!


Teconia - your communications centre and technology company for the future.
Articulation is probably the best way to communicate. However, this requires that your (prospective) customer is having a personal conversation with you. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case, and the information between the lines gets lost. This doesn't have to happen.
Ensuring that your communication has your personal touch - that's what we're here for!

This is how we see communication

Just imagine a cog that comprises thousands of individual components that dovetail perfectly with each other. A complex system that tunes into human nature so harmoniously that we perceive it as calming and confident right down to the cellular level.
This is the communication we want for you.
In order to be able to guarantee this, we need to have an understanding of your work, your company and your target group. If you are looking for this type of internal and external communication
we are the right partner to have at your side!

Tapping potential

Using human capabilities and talents in such a way that you can draw the greatest possible potential and the greatest possible benefit from technology.
Growing beyond your capabilities – this communication is worthwhile!